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At Revive Fitness, we’re about REAL fitness. Our no-nonsense, results-driven culture was built on a history rooted in self development culture. Our brand is known for its commitment to health, strength, and fitness. Today, we continue to be one of the most celebrated fitness brands in the city. 

Our team is heavily involved in our community and closely connected with local public services, outreach programs, and other local businesses. Our culture isn’t that of these corporate gyms. When you walk in the door you’re here to work, sweat, and burn. At Revive Fitness great shape is an authentic passion, and we don’t back down from the challenge to push our bodies to levels constantly challenging our limits.

Here at Revive Fitness you aren’t only joining a gym, you join a team of individuals who are committed to leading strong, fit, and healthy lifestyles. Our amazing team is ready to make sure you break boundaries and achieve your full potential.

Jesse Hollihan

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

My name is Jesse Hollihan, I am the owner of Revive All Fitness.


I am extremely passionate in helping others become the best version of themselves and I strongly believe that it takes an overall lifestyle approach to achieve that. 


With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, from personal training, managing gyms, and running my own fitness business I know what it takes to not only become successful in reaching your goals, but how to maintain these changes for the rest of your life. 


I struggled myself with being over weight. I wouldn't want to go out in public, or I would try and dodge meeting old friends that I haven't seen in a while since gaining the weight. I would always put a pillow on my lap when I was sitting down. Nothing fit. I was miserable. 


I was inspired to join the fitness industry after reflecting on the value and lessons I learned through working with a Personal Trainer of my own. After dedicating my efforts to health and fitness I lost the weight and It inspired me to want to help others achieve the same. My energy, confidence, sleep, strength and so many more aspects of my life improved. I believe everybody should feel the same way when it comes to themselves.


My approach to training relies heavily on the fundamentals of Functional Training, incorporating movements from the activities of daily life that are unique to each individual. My approach aims to be adaptable with my programming to help find the types of exercise and lifestyle changes that are exciting, manageable, and shape a path to achieve goals. I have integrated my knowledge as a strength and conditioning specialist in designing an individualized, progressive program of cardiovascular, mobility, core, and strength training exercises for my clients based on their fitness goals. Most importantly, I strive to provide clients with a positive and satisfying experience that inspires reassurance in your personal ability to fulfill your health goals and everything else faced on a day to day basis.


Here at Revive We take an overall lifestyle approach to reviving yourself. From exercise to sleep, to hormone protocols, and more.  Our singular goal is to help become the best version of yourself.




  • Can fit Pro

  • A.C.T/A.S.T level 1

  • A.C.T/A.S.T level 2

  • Evolution Nutrition level 1

  • ISSA - strength and conditioning

  • ISSA - plyometrics

  • FMS level 1

  • FMS level 2

  • Alkaline Nutrition Certification


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